Service Club Membership

We designed our Service Club Membership to guarantee our customers year-round comfort and peace of mind at the lowest possible price. Our Service Club members receive the recommended schedule of HVAC maintenance inspections and filter replacements, in addition to these perks:

  • Annual fan belt replacement

  • Airflow adjustments

  • Filter replacements (twice annually)

  • Drain pan cleaning

  • Seasonal start-up for heating & cooling systems

  • Safety control tests

  • System pressure & temperature measurement

  • Motor amperage measurement

  • Blower assembly inspection

  • Lubrication of all moving parts (when necessary)

  • Service work completed by experienced personnel

  • Priority service

  • No overtime or emergency fees

  • 10% discount on all parts

*Locations outside of Wamego, St. George and Manhattan are subject to additional charges.

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